Building Integrated Economies in West Africa : Lessons in Managing Growth, Inclusiveness, and VolatilityФинансовая грамотностьМеждународная макроэкономикаМеждународная МикроЭкономикаМикроэкономика для продвинутых: задачи и решенияЭкономика: интерактивный интернет-учебник для 10-11 клПрикладная макроэкономикаМеждународная экономика. Часть IМеждународная экономика. Часть IIМеждународная экономика. Вехи экономической мысли.

Invited talks

EUROFRAME Conference, DWI, Berlin, Germany
Deutsche Bundesbank , Island of Mainau, Germany
04/25/2017 to 04/27/2017
Siem Reap, Cambodia
03/21/2017 to 03/24/2017
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Commission de l'UEMOA et la Ferdi
12/13/2016 to 12/14/2016
Structural Transformation and Inclusive Growth
Tokyo, Asian Development Bank Institute
09/20/2016 to 09/21/2016


This paper examines dynamic measures of growth inclusiveness derived from growth incidence curves.

The paper examines the poverty-reducing and distributional characteristics of Djibouti’s economic growth.

The paper presents a simple framework for the analysis of the macroeconomic implications of de-cashing.

The book assesses the impact of the multilateral trading system on Africa.