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Professor Alexei KireyevProfessor Alexei Kireyev
Lead international economist

For the past 20 years Prof. Kireyev has been directly involved in the activities of three major international economic organizations—the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. Since 1993, he has been economist at the IMF working under the leadership of Michel Camdessus, Horst Köhler and Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In 2000-03, prof. Kireyev was IMF representative to the WTO. He also served as economist at the World Bank Moscow office.  Before that, he was member of the staff of President Mikhail Gorbachev, and held a number of academic positions at leading institutions of international standing focusing on international economics.

The international financial crisis: over or all over again?
The new international financial architecture in the post-crisis world
The multilateral trading system: how to overcome the deadlock?
Development: growth or sustainability?
Russia: the tragedy of transition
China: a driving force or a fatal curse?
Africa: a lost continent?
Risks: rational choices for an irrational world.          

In detail
Prof. Kireyev is currently a staff member of the IMF and was adviser in the staff of the President of the USSR and professor of international economics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He graduated from the George Washington University (Washington DC, USA) and MGIMO (Russia) and was professor of international economics in Russia and the US (Pacific Lutheran University). He is the author of 7 books, including an award-winning text on the principles of economics, and over 100 academic and other publications.

What he offers you
Having witnessed the evolution of the international economic and financial system from inside the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, Prof. Kireyev is well placed to advise organizations on the economic and financial policies in an increasingly interdependent world and challenging business environment.

How he presents
Tailoring his engaging presentations to the clients' objectives, including animated PowerPoint, Prof. Kireyev provides examples of best international practices and uses personal experience to help your organization achieve better results in an increasingly complex international environment.

Prof. Kireyev presents in English, Russian, French and Spanish.     

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